NP CURRENX is a smart widget on exchange rate. This App runs on iOS Platform, supports 63 main currencies, its operating system will be required on iOS 6 above, iOS 7 is recommended. This App is hosted by NODEPLUS, that is an independent digital creative & interactive agency based in Shanghai, PR China.
An iOS App
NP CURRENX is a smart & creative exchange rate widget that provides a distinctive interactive experience. It contains 63 main currencies worldwide, supports multiple iOS devices. We do hope it will accompany your trip all over the world.

Plus it's entirely free, DOWNLOAD it from App Store.
Straightforward with
Distinctive Experience
This small tool is specially built for people who are picky for both visual experience & usability. You can easily play the rates calculation at your hand. It’s both beautiful and useful.
Offline Circumstance
Memorizing and updating the latest rates automatically even in offline circumstance.
It will work smoothly according to exchange rates lastly.
You can enjoy it everywhere even your device loses connection of network.
Tips on How
It Works.
Moving your fingers on main input numbers, and scroll them vertically.
Tap the column to change the default base currency.
Slide the column horizontally to change target currencies.


Compatible to iOS 6 / 7
iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch
Please Enlarge Your Screen.
is an iOS Widget on Exchange Rate.
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You can get further info on NP CURRENX from App Store.